Useful program for amateur radio

Despite the fact that modern electronics is based on semiconductor devices, resistors remain an important element of electronic circuits. Also, continue to apply resistors "through hole" for mounting in a hole. Face value of these resistors is marked on the body with the color bands. On the Internet you can find many programs to read color coded resistors. One of the most versatile is here:

Resistor color code calculator.

It allows you to read color-coded conventional and precision resistors, containing 3, 4, 5 and 6 colored bands. In addition, the site has a handy table to use the standard values of resistors. Calculator allows you to perform the inverse transformation - enough to put the resistance value in the appropriate field, , and the program will build for him the appropriate color code.

Decoder provides the possibility of storing up to 10 values of the color markings of resistors. There is another possibility: one click you can read the markings in the opposite direction.

And if you need to find the characteristics of a chip or a transistor, a look at home page . There you will find a list of sites where certain to find the desired information. With the tools, described above, the developing and repair of electronic circuits will be much easier.

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