Today's data security risks

In our days, private persons as well as company’s and public authorities store more data then ever before. Of course that simplifies many things in our lifetime. Examples for this are:
- Handle financial affairs via online-banking
- Book Flight, Hotels and more through the internet
- Writing emails instead of letters
- Share Photos, Videos and more with friends
- Activities in social networks.

But there is a challenge to keep all that data secure. This means on one hand, protect it against unauthorized access and on the other hand, protect yourself against loosing important data.

Encryption makes files private

A strong recommendation of nearly every IT expert is an encryption of important data. This prohibit access of unauthorized persons as hackers and secures a folder or a drive with a password-key. Encryption, in difference to a normal password-protection, encode the data completely. Files are online readable by typing in the user-generated key before. A summery about good (and free) encryption-tools is findable here. Beside typing in a specific key, other decryption-methods are available too; for example fingerprint, etc.

Mirroring files prevents against data loss

Essential to protect against data loss is continuous mirroring of all important data. In company’s there are (in most cases) guidelines, how often and when the mirroring of important files should be done. For example backups will be done every day at 6:00 pm. In many cases, large hard-disks or streaming tapes are used to do that.

A more easy and efficient way for most company’s and as well for private users, is cloud storage, where backups are taken automatically without any effort. Here is an example for such a solution for business / company’s.