Tablet Alternatives: Being at par with Apple's iPads

As much as people aspires to get hold of Apple's latest iPad Air and iPad Mini2, the fact that they are rather costly and that there are several applications and features that the said devices lack hinds them from buying either of the two. But not because one cannot get a hold of such devices, one should already take his/her chances of gadgets that have more or less the same functions and output. Like a familiar quote says,"If the doors are closed, try the windows"; one should not settle and sourgrape over what he/she can't have. At least, try to get what is better or at least be at par with the latest.

Take a look of the following tablet alternatives. They might not have retina scans, but they give you some benefits not only iPads can.

1.  Google Nexus 7

This updated version produced by Asus made great emphasis on portability - coming at 2mm thin with 32GB storage capacity! It has also a better graphics quality with its 920 x 1200 Full HD 1080 display with 323 pixels per inch. In addition, it allows file restriction, setting limits for children's browsing and even faster switching accounts.

2.  Galaxy Note 2

This 5.5" phone and tablet merged together device offers a unique S-Pen technology - stylus that allows users to gain more information by simply hovering over the screen. Although this gadget looks like an over-sized phone, its big screen and impressive capabilities, sets user to a blazing trail.

3.  Microsoft Surface 2

Since this device is powered by NVIDIA Tegra 4 processor, it can smoothly and quickly run applications - increasing battery life to up to hours! This device can also work intimately with Windows RT 8.1 which brings more improvements in the areas of personalization, multitasking and building apps.

4.  Xperia Tablet Z

The design of this device does not only promote the slimline design but as well as waterproof and dustproof qualities. With its vital of 495g and just 6.9mm thick, Xperia Tablet Z can already considered as way more futuristic than iPads for its reliably thin and strong.

5.  Kindle Fire HDX

This device is commonly acknowledge by most Internet users for this has been Amazon's attempt to move those who have already downloaded books, music, film and TV into categories. With this device, any related activities on the renowned site will become exceptionally fast, not to mention its 11 - 17 hours battery life.

Indeed there is much more than those iPads. Feel free to browse more about the discussed tablets and realize that there is more just to life than just taking Apple.

Contributor Profile: This is an article contribution from Australia’s computer cabling specialist