Applications Of Semiconductor Devices

There are so many applications of semiconductor devices that it is being said that semiconductor devices has become the foundation of modern electronics. They are being used in manufacturing computers, in space research, in medical sciences and so on. There are hundreds of semiconductors devices applications, however we are going to restrict our discussion about the main applications of semiconductor devices.

A transistor is one of the most widely used semiconductor devices as there are so many applications of this particular device. As there are various kinds of transistors, there applications are also in diverse fields.  They can be used in manufacturing logic gates which are the basis of the design of digital circuits. Applications of semiconductor devices such as transistors are also there in analog circuits where there they don’t just wok like on-off switches; rather, they respond to a constant range of inputs with a uninterrupted range of outputs. It is important to know that the common analog circuits include amplifiers and oscillators.

The other semiconductors devices applications are in the form of circuits. The circuits which act as translator between digital circuits and analog circuits are called as mixed-signal circuits.

There is a form of semi conductor devices which is known as the power semiconductor consisting of devices which have integrated circuits. The applications of these kinds of semiconductor devices take place in those applications which requires very high current or voltage requirements. The semiconductors devices application which involves combination of power semiconductor technology and Integrated Technology (IC) are called as smart power devices. The main use of such devices is in the field of space research.

And not to forget the use of semiconductor devices in making high speed computer chips, calculators, telephones and other variety of things like medical equipments and robotics. The research is still going on to find out new avenues and areas where the applications of semiconductor devices can help to gain better results in terms of performance and other parameters.