Characteristics Of MIM Diodes

In this article, you will come to know about some of the main characteristic of MIN diodes which will also provide you an idea regarding its main functionalities.

One of the main features of metal insulator metal diode is that it is used to rectify the electromagnetic radiations of very high frequency coupled with it through an incorporated antenna. The required feature of metal-insulator-metal-diodes which is required to act it as a rectifier, there is a need for a diode rectifier to operate efficiently, it must have a sufficiently nonlinear current-voltage characteristic which is indicated by sharp turn-on and appears as substantial curvature in the current-voltage curves.

The other MIM diode feature to know is that MIM diodes are formed by making use of native oxides of chromium, aluminum and niobium are fabricated in the lab. Thus, the way in which oxide layer gets processed has a huge impact on the performance of the MIM diode. The method of oxidation, temperature, cleanliness, ion formation, plasma processing are all important factors which effect the performance of the diode.

There are few other features of metal insulator metal diode which are mentioned here in the following paragraph.

One of the lesser known characteristics of MIM diode is that these diodes generally don’t result in good quality commercial diodes. Today’s semi conductor diodes have a much more square current – voltage curve allowing for a sharp turn on.

It is true that the characteristics of MIM diode are based on the material and structure. Thus, you must select only those MIM diodes which have been made from the best quality material and optimized manufacturing techniques have been employed to make them.

The most important feature of metal-insulator-metal-diodes which make them good quality diodes are that they are stable and fabricated from materials that are compatible with standard silicon IC fabrication facilities and processes, and must provide the desired impedance and nonlinearity.