Chipset on Motherboard to Control the Processor and Hardware Features

Motherboard or system board, which is a circuit board and electronic panels that move the overall PC system. In principle, a motherboard consists of several parts of the system CPU (processor), the circuit clock / timings, RAM, cache, ROM BIOS, I / O ports such as serial ports, parallel ports, expansion slots, IDE prot.

Above all, at least there are 7 things to watch on a motherboard. All seven components are:

1. Chipset

2. Type of CPU

3. Slot and the memory type Cache memory

4. System BIOS

5. Expansion slots

6. Port I / O

This is where the problem on a PC system can be traced or detected. Damage outside the seven components of the usually never happend. Alternatively, if the seven components can be seen cleaning up any, should be assumed that the problem lies in the motherboard itself, whether circuit-circuits, or components he used.

Called chipset because this one is generally a good pair of chips that control the processor and hardware features that exist in motherboard thoroughly. A pair of these chips, which one called the North Bright fruit chips and another one called South Bridge chips, you could say is the commander in chief on a system called motherboard.In this time, there are many motherboards with different chipsets. The chipset used on the motherboard will determine several things, among others.

1. Types commonly used processors

2. Type of memory bias in favor of the PC system and its maximum capacity

3. Completeness of I / O that can be provided

4. This type of display adapter that can be used

5. Width of data that can be supported on motherboard

6. Availability of additional features (eg LAN, sound card or onboard modem).

There are three types of CPU that many in the market ie the output CPU Intel Corporation, Advanced Micro Devices AMD output, and output Cyrix or VIA C3 VIA Technologies Corporation. Aka VIA CPU processor output alone is generally followed the technology platform released by Intel. That is, each series being released VIA processors are generally always have a series of compatibility with processors made by Intel. While AMD uses a different technology platform than that used by Intel, though technology used by these companies also follow what Intel. Because of differences in this platform, the AMD processor socket or slot that is different from that used by Intel. When Intel calls Slot 1, Slot A. AM call on the processor socket, AMD recently release relatively more consistent in the type of socket is used, ie, always using the Socket A compatible at any speed series, the 462 pin socket with the amount of fruit. Compare with Intel that is always changing, from the 370 pin socket, then a 423 pin, then changed again to 478.consequently, the possibility to upgrade a new generation of Intel processors always be accompanied by the replacement of the motherboard itself.

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