2GIG Alarm Kit: Way to a Better Home Security

The number of products related to home security available on the market is so overwhelming that a day won't be enough to pick what would be the best agent that would ensure safety and security over your premises. Determining the home security that would cater to your needs becomes more complicated specially with the advent of technology - you get confused with which one is the best among the products offered in the market.

Now, if you want to do away with all the hassle, you can simply choose the most basic security product - one with control panel, keypad, access sensor and audible alarm. Well, if you think this is way to many for your budget, start thinking the other way around since 2GIG Alarm Kit is already available in the market.

2GIG Alarm Kit Overview

Though it is rude to judge to an alarm system by the way it looks, you'll have a hard time not doing so with 2GIG Alarm Kit since it is the much more elegant compared to all the other home security solutions available. The 2GIG control panel has a sleek white box with a color touchscreen and features a system which works through a phone line! While most security alarms won't work with phone lines if they are cut, 2GIG Alarm Kit provides you with the most convenient system since it works through a wireless communicator and is guaranteed to work all the time!

2GIG Alarm Kit Features

Not only that this device is attractive, it is also very much reliable in securing and protecting your homes! This is mainly because it has:

  • It has police, fire and medical panic buttons;
  • Motion detector that acts as interior trap;'
  • 110% decibel siren;
  • Yard sign and window sticker; and
  • Integrates the house with compatible devices like thermostat and lamp module!
  • Indeed, there is much more to what the eyes can see! Not only that this device is nice to look at and handle, it is most specifically ensures safety and security in a very comfortable way!

    Contributor Profile: Contributed by AUCOM.com.au Security Surveillance Systems Specialists.